Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Fashion Basics ft. POPBASIC

Hello everyone! I am not sure if you all are excited for fall or not, but i am sooo beyong excited. It's my favorite season of the year and I love all the fashion styles in the fall.

I recently received POPBASIC's LOST collection. (click the link to go to their web page)
They are a San Francisco based fashion website that come out with a collection of fashion pieces every month. LOST is their very first collection, so let's take a look.

The pieces came very well wrapped.

It also comes with some post cards which introduce the collection and also give you some styling ideas.

There are three fashion pieces in this collection. The Sophia boyfriend shirt, dreamer amathyst necklace, and pink silk cord bracelet. 

Here are some close-ups of the jewelry.

I also did a few styling ideas on my instagram, so feel free to follow me over there for more inspirations. For October, I am also going to collaborate with them for the new Rubi collection, so please look forward to more styling ideas.

The Sofia shirt is very well made, nice material with a bit of weight, great for the fall weather. The amathyst necklace is a great statement piece and can be paired with any shirt or dress.

I paired the Sofia shirt with the pink silk bracelet here, and they look very chic and elegant.

You can purchase this collection on POPBASIC.COM. I really love how basic these pieces are and you can pretty much pair them with anything you like. The greatest thing about them is that you can make them into your style.
The shirt is indeed a boyfriend style, so you may think it won't work for a girly girl like me, but it worked great and I really enjoy wearing it. So definitely branch out and have fun with these pieces.

I hope you enjoyed this review. It's my very first fashion review. I am thinking about doing fashion videos on my channel, so let me know what you think in the comment below. Feel free to follow my blog for more updates^_^.

Take care and see you in my next post~ xoxo

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Everyday Natural Smokey Eye ft. Lunasol Chocolate Cosmos

Hello everyone! Long time no tutorials. I actually don't do tutorials very often as I think I am not really a makeup artist and there are many people who do tutorials better than me. But I think I am gonna start doing them again because some of you mention that my tutorials are easier to follow so you would like to see them^^ Thank you for the requests and now I am going to film a series of tutorials featuring various Lunasol palettes I own leading up to Christmas. The looks will range from super natural look to more sexy, edgy party look, so please stay tuned^^

Today I am featuring the Lunasol Chocolate Cosmos palette. This is one of Lunasol's best selling neutral palettes. It's so gorgeous and really complements any eye shape and any skin tone. I have been using this palette non-stop since I got it.

I got this palette from MIHOKOSHOP.COM, a Japanese makeup online retailer. It's my favorite place to get Lunasol eyeshadows because they are very well priced there, it's almost the same as the duty free price at airports, which is amazing.

Here is what the palette looks like and a close-up of the look I did. Feel free to adjust the blending according to your eye shape.

I do this makeup for school everyday and I frequently get compliments on it, so definitely give it a try^^

I also filmed a video tutorial, it's only 4 minutes long, and very easy to follow, so please check it out~

That't it for today, I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend, and thank you for supporting my blog and youtube channel. Please feel free to follow my blog for more updates by clicking "JOIN THE SITE" on the right side bar.

Thank you for reading and take care^^

Crystal xoxo

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My New Camera: SONY NEX-3N (WHITE)我的第一台迷你單眼,索尼NEX-3N

Hello everyone! So I know a lot of you are curious about my new camera, so I thought I would share it with you while it's still all in its glory. I totally splurged on this camera, it's expensive, but please take into consideration that I am a youtube vlogger as well a blogger (as i am writing this post now), so I need a decent quality camera for filming and taking high quality photos of products. So I definitely don't think everyone needs this camera in everyday life, but if you are looking for something a little more professional but are not willing to spend $600-$1000 on a canon, then I think you can give this a go.

The body of the camera is actually really small, just slightly bigger than a regular point and shoot, it's quite light weight as well, in my favorite white color of course. The kit I got comes with a 16-50mm lens, which is enough for everyday use.

However, if you'd like to go pro and switch to other lenses, you can as well, because the lens part is inter-changable, so you can switch it to any professional lens you want.

The control of the lens is very easy to navigate, the screen is a decent size, and the picture quality is 16.1 mega pixels.
這個相機還蠻容易上手的,主控區沒有什麼複雜的按鈕,基本就是按按就會了。顯示屏大小還不錯,像片質量是16.1 mega pixels,清晰度也還不錯。

My favorite thing is probably the 180 degree rotational screen. Finally, I can see myself when filming and no need to worry about being out of frame during tutorials, yeah~~ If you are someone who likes to film videos of yourself or take selfies, this camera is the bomb.

So this is my new camera, I hope i covered everything, if you have additional questions, you can ask them down below in the comment section. However, since I am no where near a professional, so if the questions is too pro, I may not be able to answer you, lol.
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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Recent Beauty Haul 近期美妝購物分享

Hello everyone! I have a beauty haul to share with you all. I recently receive a package from imomoko, and I also ordered a few things from ebay, so I thought I would share with you^^

I have a coupon code for 10% off your entire order on imomoko: LOVECRYSTAL Enjoy if you are trying to get something^^~

Starting off with my beloved bb creams. This is the Ettusais mineral bb cream with SPF 30 PA++
It's a mineral bb cream with no fragrance and suppose to be good for sensitive skin. I am in shade #20.

Next, we have the solone 2mm auto waterproof gel eyeliner pen. It's very black and pigmented, but ot as smudge proof as the pencil type.

Miss Hana waterproof gel liner in #03, very natural brown color, super pretty for everyday.

Next we have toly moly cat chu wink lipgloss in #10 bling red. It's a really cute cherry red color with some subtle sparkles, super pretty.
下面是toly moly的唇蜜,很可愛的櫻桃紅,有一點點亮片,持久度還蠻不錯的。

Next we have Hanaka blackhead pore white mask, I only got a few samples of these, not sure about the effect yet, but upon first use, it is ok, pretty effective, but i have to try it a couple more times to really tell.

The pure smile biodiversity essence mask has snake vom in it, i know, a little scary, but quite interesting as well.
這個是pure smile這牌的蛇毒生物面膜,我還沒有試過這種成分的面膜呢,還蠻有趣的。

I have tried a few of these missha masks before, they are ok, pretty refreshing.

The LULULUN face mask is very popular in Japan, but since it has alcohol as the fourth ingredient, it is not as moisturizing, and probably not very suitable for sensitive skin.

I will talk about the sulwhasoo products in another post, so please look forward to that.
For more detail reviews, please watch my video. I put English caption on it so you can understand^^

youtube video 影片在這裡~記得幫我like一個喔~

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August Favorites~我的八月美妝愛用品

Hello everyone! As many of you know already, I moved! I moved to Boston now so I am now living in my own apartment. I am finally settled down and you and watch the video to see my new background^^ So today I am going to share with you my August favorite products~~

First, I have my Nivea sun protector water gel super sunscreen with SPF 50 PA+++. This is an awesome product, that tops my previous favorite Biore by a little bit. I love how hydrating it is, and it is quite affordable as well. I got it from (awesome website for japanese products) If you hate sticky sunscreen, try gel sunscreen, it is amazing~

Moving on to base makeup. I am sure by now you all know that I am a base makeup addict (certified). I  LOVE trying out base makeup and really have tried my fair share (like about 50+ different kinds) So I feel like i have this second nature on identifying good base makeup (maybe not, but i think so, lol) When I tried this Chantecaille tinted moisturizer at the counter, I almost bought it immediately. It totally wowed me by the finish and the feel of the product. So I highly recommend you go to the counter and give it a go. It may become your new HG as well^_^

You see, after you blend it in, it looks just like skin~ LOVE how natural it is.

I also have tried some new brow products (finally). I have always heard good things about shu uemura brow products, so I decided to give it a go. The Hard 9 formula in 02 is a perfect color for my brow. It is also very longlasting and easy to work with. However, i only wish that it has a brush on the other end
我一直都是很無聊的用anastatia的眉筆,用了四年都懶得換。這次終於嘗試植村秀的hard 9,02號,超好用啊,如果另外一頭有個刷子可以梳開眉毛就更好了。

Sometimes, when I want my brow to be a little lighter, I would use the majolica majorca brow colorist in BR555. It is a warm medium brown shade that is perfect for my skin tone. I think warmer brown looks a lot better with warm skintone. The tiny brush is also easy to control, great for beginners.

Continue with the shu uemura craze, I also really love their unmask palette in pink that they came out for their I think 15 years anniversary. It a beautiful matte palette with super smooth and buttery shadows. Shu shadows are truly some of the best shadows I have tried. The texture is amazing!

After years of searching, I think I finally found my favorite blush (i will call this my favorite everyday blush probably, because know myself, I will probably have another favorite blush in the future, lol) This blush is very very fool proof and great for everyday. If you want a super natural blush that you can throw on even without a mirror, give this a go. This is Giorgio Armani sheer blush in 02.
我是一個超級喜歡搜集腮紅的人,我的腮紅真是成山成海啊(不要打我,我有腮紅搜集症,我是病人!哈哈)但是這麼多的腮紅中,我最愛的真的是giorgio armani的這款2號。顏色真的是高端、大氣、上檔次啊~擦上去就是肌膚自然透出紅潤的感覺,超美,超有氣質的~~

Finally, a little perk for all of you who actually read my blog. I forgot to mention that I am still really loving my Maybelline the rocket in waterproof. I totally think I am gonna repurchase this one after I am done with this tube. It's just so natural and clump-free. Love it~

Ok. That wraps up my august favorites, blog take so long to write so please follow me by clicking the "join the site" button over on the right (I love you if you just did that^^) Comment below and let me know what you think and what you've been loving in august, and see you all in my next post~
Stay pretty and stay tuned!
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Finally don't forget to watch my video if you haven't already^^

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer 2013: Vacation in Hawaii~~

Hello everyone. I seriously have not blogged for ages. I almost forgot that I had a blog and of course, I started to miss my blogging days. Although I feel like blogging takes a lot of time and is even more tiring than filming youtube videos, I still find a passion to blog because this is the time when I can just sit down and express my thoughts with you guys in any way I want. I don't have to consider the length of the blog, precision, or whether I sad something that might have a confusing meaning, lol. Anyway, I thought I would slowly start blogging again, slowly, just one post every other week maybe, but I hope all of you would enjoy my sharing.

As some of you know, I went to Hawaii for my summer vacation in May. I went with my family and it was a wonderful experience. I feel like I would love to visit Hawaii again, because it was just THAT amazing. It was beautiful weather, beautiful nature, and beautiful people. Here I will share some pictures I took and hopefully these give you some ideas on what to expect if you are planning to go to Hawaii as well^_^.

The first day we arrived later in the afternoon, so we went to the beach straight away after dinner. It was really pretty and the water was pretty warm as well. I didn't go into the water cause I have something going on (as girls you know...).

Beautiful scenery when it gets closer to sunset^_^

The next day, we went on a day trip around Honolulu. Near waikiki beach, it looks like a post card everywhere. The flowers are blooming and the ocean is absolutely beautiful.

My mom and I got up at 7am to go take pictures before it gets too bright. It's soooo beautiful.

Later on, we drove to the Dragon Bay, which is oh so pretty. A lot of people go scuba diving there, but we didn't have enough time. I would love to try scuba diving next time I come to Hawaii.

 Then we drove up the hills so we can see a overview of the Dragon Bay.

We finished today's tour back at waikiki, the beach in the evening is even more romantic and pretty.

The next day we went to the Hito island. First, we stopped at the Japanese park. The park is really Asian I think, lol, but still very pretty, great for a picnic.

Then we went to the black sand beach, where the sands are in a grayish black color. If you look closely, you can also see the green volcano diamonds in there.

 When you go to Hito, you have to see the real volcanos. They have a National Volcano Park over there, where you can get to know more about volcanos and get a good view of the live volcano.

Then we went up into the mountains, and saw the waterfall (a tiny one) and some caves with interesting shaping stones. The tour guide said these are called stalactites.

We finished our tour of Hito at the Mina Lowa macadamia nuts factory. There were so many samples for us to try so I forgot to take pictures. But I posted the box of macadamia nuts I got on my instagram (username:crystalyve), you can check it out if you like^^

Ok, this is my first back to blogging post, hope you enjoyed, and please follow my blog to support and comment below to let me know what you think^^

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!